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Simon Smelt is a New Zealand based economist and policy analyst. He has a Ph.D. (on money) from the London School of Economics of London University and a B.Phil in sociology. He has worked with or for the New Zealand Treasury (where at one stage he was responsible for financial and product market regulation), the World Bank, Asia Development Bank and OECD, as well as various central banks, commercial banks, government departments and the Australia National University. He provides consulting services on a private basis.

He has also provided training in tools of policy analysis to government agencies in New Zealand.

Recent articles on the economic crisis:    here
Examples of papers and commentaries:
  • Financial Institutions: Regulation & Governance - paper for Institute of Policy Studies conference on ethics
  • Investment incentives - briefing for OECD
  • Thinking about tax regimes - notes
  • New Zealand public sector reforms - paper for World Bank
  • Training in tools of policy analysis - excerpt: markets and government matrix
  • The Defence difference - why defence agencies don't fit public sector models
  • Comparative Institutional Analysis
  • Principles of Resourcing, with special reference to schools, or "How to Make Things Happen"
  • Empowering Schools - How to consider subsidiarity and delegation
  • Today's Schools - Executive Summary

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